The American University of Rome offers a range of short professional development programs for summer 2024. Delivered in July from our beautiful campus in Rome, these programs are designed for career professionals and/or individuals aiming to develop careers in relevant disciplines.

Provenance Research: An Introduction to Ethical Collecting

Advanced Certificate in Cultural & Heritage Venue Protection

This course will examine what provenance research is, how it can be carried out, what constitutes due diligence, what laws are in place to protect antiquities, and how antiquities trafficking fits into the bigger picture of organized crime.

The course will be led by Alyssa Thiel, an independent investigative analyst who formerly worked for the New York County District Attorney’s Antiquities Trafficking Unit. The Antiquities Trafficking Unit is the only one of its kind in the United States and works to stop the illicit trade into New York and return objects that have been in the United States for years.

Protecting against threats to people, buildings, and objects is a vital part of the work of a heritage professional and is an activity that everyone needs to be engaged in. This program helps participants understand the threats that can impact cultural and heritage venues wherever they are in the world.

This course is offered in partnership with Trident Manor, an independent risk, security, and crisis management consultancy to national and international clients, which has a specific expertise in cultural heritage protection. Trident Manor is one of the few organizations in the world to offer dedicated training programs at operational, managerial, and strategic levels to support staff in the protection of museums, galleries, archives, libraries, and other heritage venues.

Health & Risk Communication in an Interpandemic World

Multi-Disciplinary Perspectives in Italian Language Teaching

A summer global health communication institute that brings together professionals and leaders from multiple sectors and disciplines for an international professional development course in association with Strategies for Equity and Communication Impact (SECI) and the peer-reviewed Journal of Communication in Healthcare: Strategies, Media, and Engagement in Global Health.

This course is led by Professor Renata Schiavo, PhD, MA, CCL, a global health practitioner and public health/social sciences academic who works at the intersection of public health, healthcare, health equity and the social and structural determinants of health, human rights, health and risk communication, social and behavior change (SBC), system-thinking, and social and behavior change communication (SBCC).

This is a graduate-level, 2-credit, 30-hour seminar delivered in Italy in the summer of 2024.
AUR's 1-week summer seminar offers professional development for teachers of Italian. Composed of 30 academic hours, the seminar helps participants improve their teaching strategies by studying innovative language and culture instruction methods and creative ways to tackle learning problems.

This course is led by Professor Flavia Laviosa, a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Italian Studies at Wellesley College. In her academic career, she has pursued two paths: one in Foreign Language Education, stemming from her Ph.D. at the University at Buffalo, and the other in Film Studies, resulting from her Master’s degree completed at the University of Edinburgh.